Why Telemedicine is Critical for Hospitals?

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Telemedicine is a strategy that has risen to the top for hospitals that work tirelessly to find new, innovative ways to cut costs while also improving patient care outcomes. It allows healthcare providers to use electronic communications to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients remotely and gives patients quick, efficient and convenient access to medical expertise.

Gloheal’s telemedicine application is a long-term healthcare solution for the hospitals who want to do more for their patients. With Gloheal, hospitals extend care virtually to the remotest patient in real-time.

Designed to meet the specific healthcare requirement, the features of Gloheal’s telemedicine solution provide benefits like the continuity of care, boosted patient engagement, better care transitions, and improved access to care by those in rural areas.

How telemedicine enables the hospital to achieve their healthcare goals?

Increase access to care - By supplying easy access to specialists hospitals are giving current patients an easy way to continue care within their network for non-emergency medical needs. Providing additional ways to access care helps increase the patient flow and generate more revenue without overwhelming existing staff.

Increased staff productivity- Time is essential when it comes to our population’s health. Virtual consultation saves additional 3-4 hours of doctors’ time, thus enabling them to see more patients each day, week and year, without working longer hours. This rapidly adds up to a substantial return on investment for Gloheal telemedicine.

Improved patient satisfaction- Statistics show that 75 percent of hospitals have a competitor within a 10 km radius. Hospitals must always look for ways to keep their patient satisfaction levels high and ensure retention. Gloheal Virtual ClinicTM helps to increase the patient satisfaction levels of your hospital. It is easier and more convenient for patients to connect with doctors virtually.

Gloheal Virtual ClinicTM has partnered/ collaborated with renowned hospitals of India and currently supporting more than 220+ clinics and have successfully conducted 1lakh+ consults across the country. In a recent study conducted by Gloheal, a partner hospital has access to more than 1,000 new patients with a total of 4,400 online consults in the span of 3 years - a year on year growth of 90%! The adoption of telemedicine by the patients is increasing consistently thereby, adding value to the services offered by hospitals.

Telemedicine is not just a strategy for improving your patient care program, it’s becoming a basic, expected service to keep you competitive with other health systems.

For more information, visit: http://www.gloheal.com/ You can write to us at glohealmarketing@tatacommunications.com

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2020-07-27 14:57:31

Remote #healthcare services have become popular with telemedicine, as doctors ensure enhanced medical diagnosis

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