Telemedicine for Hospitals - How hospitals benefit with Gloheal Virtual Clinic

With rapid economic growth, India has observed a sharp rise in the occurrence of chronic diseases that adversely affects the health of its population. A recent study conducted by National Health Profile on per capita expenditure on healthcare suggests that India’s healthcare expenditure is amongst the lowest in the world. To add to it is the existing infrastructure, which is limited and is not enough to meet the needs of a growing population. The doctor-patient ratio in India is 1:1,700 which is extremely low. Furthermore, the gaps between the rural and urban population, lack of skilled medical professionals, high out-of-pocket expenditure together worsen the problem in India’s healthcare system.

To resolve the aforesaid issues, hospitals have now started delivering care at remote locations. However, there are a number of drawbacks associated to it, which includes excess of cost and travel time to reach the remote location, expense associated with delivery of quality care through consultation and other means.

Nevertheless, it is believed that the hospitals can overcome these issues if the

I. Cost of delivering care in rural areas is minimal

II. Time spent by the doctors in traveling and delivering care in rural areas is negligible

III. Rate of patient satisfaction is high

All of which is delivered by Gloheal Virtual Clinic – a telemedicine technology that, enables the hospital to deliver virtual care to the patients remotely, thereby making healthcare accessible, cost-effective and time-efficient. enter image description here

Gloheal Virtual Clinic is a reliable solution that provides complete technology and infrastructure support to the hospitals thus, enhancing the outcome and benefits of virtual care for both physicians and patients. As of 2018, Gloheal has empowered more than 21 healthcare providers/partners to expand their brand and expertise beyond the known boundaries. With Gloheal Virtual Clinic, the partner hospitals have touched more than 70,000 patients across 11 states, digitally managing 1.4 Million patient records, with an overall patient satisfaction rate ranging up to 90%. Through Gloheal’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, hospitals are now successfully delivering care in the interiors of India, by extending their expertise to a larger population. So far, Gloheal has not only empowered hospitals and associated doctors to cut down the traveling time towards an off-site camp but also reduced the transportation costs involved in delivering quality care in remote locations.

Gloheal Virtual Clinic has enabled hospitals to overcome their current healthcare challenges and offer them with following benefits;

• Easy to use and extremely user-friendly interface

• Real-time communication with patients using enterprise-grade network from Tata Communications

• Completely managed service for the hospital backed with SLA

• Examinations aided with integrated telemetry devices to improve outcomes for patients

• Proactive Service- Dedicated team to ensure smooth consultation

• Patient Data Security

• Training & Support for hospital clinicians, admins, and staff

• Integrated Medical Records

With Gloheal, healthcare providers are now delivering care in remote locations without them being physically present. Furthermore, they are now able to overcome the challenge of the doctor shortage in the rural areas and manage the health camps at remote locations effectively.

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