Sharda Hospital - a multispecialty hospital, well-equipped with more than 900 beds - is located on the outskirts of Delhi. The hospital functions with an associated School of Medical Sciences and Research (Medical College) with over 150 MBBS students pursuing collaborative and interdisciplinary education, and independent study projects in the field of medical education. The hospital, with an intent to drive more patients and to create opportunities for the associated medical college students to learn, decided to start a telemedicine unit. For this initiative Gloheal was selected as the technology partner.

To move the initiative further, the hospital opened a satellite center where they placed telemedicine cart with all medical devices available as part of our solution. The problem came in when the hospital was not able to gain any traction with respect to the number of consultations. With no impetus from doctors and no demand from the patients, Sharda Hospital decided to end their telemedicine practice altogether.

As part of Gloheal’s ongoing customer support initiatives we realised that Sharda Hospital required guidance in terms of building a successful telemedicine practice. A support team was dispatched and the hospital agreed to work with Gloheal for a period of two weeks to turn the numbers around. The Gloheal customer support team started with providing support crew at patient and doctor end points, and initiated patient activation programs. These initiatives resulted in rapid increase in number of consults. In first ten days of the support program, 50+ specialist consultations were conducted across various disciplines including general medicine, gynecology, and orthopedics. The hospital staff including doctors and interns involved in care delivery applauded the efforts. Impressed with the turnaround, Sharda Hospital decided to invest more in its telemedicine practice.

Sharda Hospital’s now has a sprawling telemedicine practice which involves more than 25 doctors. The existing centers are registering up to 8-10 successful consults per day. With increasing surgical referrals driving more patients to the hospital and thus creating avenues for medical college students to learn, the hospital has committed to increase patient end points. At Gloheal we are committed towards our customers Archives

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