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Virtual ClinicTakes you places

  • Man has an ailment. Decides to consult top notch doctor.
  • He makes his way to nearby Virtual Clinic.
  • At the Virtual Clinic, consults right doctor in another city.
  • Doctor examines man with help of paramedic and medical devices

Next time you need to consult a doctor, you don’t have to travel to a far away Hospital or another city anymore. With Gloheal’s Virtual Clinic, you can now consult a specialist doctor from India’s leading hospitals – without having to travel. At the Virtual Clinic, you can get yourself examined, receive a diagnosis, discuss reports and even do regular follow-ups. All with the power of ‘virtual’ consultation.

Personal consult Caring on the go

  • Woman has an ailment. Decides to consult top notch doctor.
  • She takes an online appointment on her laptop.
  • She scans and shares her records with the right doctor.
  • She consults doctor from the comfort of her home.

In our busy, stress filled life, it’s never easy to make time for doctor appointments especially for second opinion or a follow-up consultation. But not anymore. With Gloheal’s Personal Consult, you can now consult with your doctor from anywhere: home, office, or even while travelling. The best part is Personal Consult allows you to connect with doctors, as well as specialists, from India’s leading hospitals.